Family Lifestyle vs Documentary Photos

As I’m establishing myself as a photographer, I want to make sure all the families I work with have an understanding of my approach. Some of the photos in my portfolio might fall under the “lifestyle” approach, while others are definitely more “documentary”. I want to talk a bit about what these different sessions look like.

In posed family portraits, the photographer directs the family members where to go and what to do. You won’t be seeing this in our sessions.

In lifestyle photography, the photographer does some directing, but it can be much less. The photographer might stage the setting, telling the family where to sit, or removing clutter from the frame.

In documentary photography, the photographer does not influence the scene in any way. There is no posing or directing, only what happens naturally. It captures simple moments in your everyday life. This is the type of photo session I strive to offer. For more information, check out the Your Session page, or send me a message!