Seattle Sunday Documentary Photo Session

making jam, feeding chickens, hanging around the house

I spent a Sunday afternoon with the Zelig family in Seattle. Mom is pregnant and she's due in July, so this is one of their last weekends as a family of four. I love telling the story of a time either right before or right after a big family transition, like the addition of a new family member. Even if there wasn't a baby on the way, it feels good to capture days like this. Everything about this day reminds me of weekends when I was young (okay, minus the chickens). It makes me realize how these storytelling sessions at home are not only wonderful to have for the parents (especially the moms, who may not always make it into the photos they take), but for the kids to look back on. If they ever want to remember what it was like living in this house, at that age, on a hot summer day in Seattle, they'll be able to.