365 photo challenge

Tackling a 365 photo project | Seattle Family Photographer

As part of a personal project, I decided to start taking at least 1 photo a day for 365 days. I'll probably post about it occasionally here, or on social media, and in the end I plan on making a soft covered book of all the photos. Or maybe my top favorites, I'm not sure yet. Either way I think it's great practice as a photographer or really for anyone to try. 

While searching for ideas and inspiration for a personal project, I often feel torn between authentically documenting reality, and trying to capture something grand or larger-than-life. So an overall goal during these 365 days will be to tie those two ideas together. Sort of like finding the beauty, awe, or magic in the mundane. Mostly it'll probably be photos I take of Oliver, because that's the subject I'm around the most. I also want to show what I love or even find difficult when it comes to parenting, so Oliver is a great subject to have for that! 

So here are a few I've taken so far. By the way, some of these are with my Canon DSLR, while some are just with the iPhone. I'm trying to carry my Canon around more often, but sometimes it's just easier to pull out the iPhone, and I don't want to have the excuse of "well I didn't have my camera" as a way to skip a day.