My Favorites

knitting & reading

NPR driveway moments

the rain

singing & playing the guitar

board games & puzzles

drinking tea

nerdy tv & movies


Hello! I'm Laura. It's so nice to meet you! 

Since you're opening your home and family to me, I thought you could get to know me too!

  • I'm a social introvert, meaning I love getting to know people and share experiences, but highly value my quiet time (pretty tough when parenting, huh?!)
  • I grew up in the Chicago 'burbs and lived in the city for about 10 years, where I met and married my husband. Yes, I'm a Cubs fan!
  • We decided to move to Seattle in 2014, mostly for the scenery and the weather (sorry Chicago...). I love when our family of three gets out into nature, either on a hike or just to a beautiful local park. 
  • Our son, Oliver, was born a little later. He is now a spirited, sensitive, 2 year old! I can easily talk with you about the trials of raising a tiny ball of energy!
  • When I was pregnant with Oliver, I started searching for family photographers to take pictures of us when he was born. There were some fantastic lifestyle photographers out there, but still nothing really spoke to me the way documentary photography did when I stumbled across it.

Our family photographer is Jessica Uhler, who took the photos you see above on this page. Her style inspired me to take photography classes, and to take many more photos. When I started working with other families, I just loved it, and it's the only thing I want to do now! 

I also hire a documentary photographer to take photos of my family every year. Here is what I want to do for you:

  • Capture YOUR everyday family moments before they are gone. For me they are:
    • the way my son takes a running leap before giving me a huge hug
    • making smoothies to get those veggies in
    • the way the tent lights look in my son's bedroom during story time
    • playing with water in the backyard
    • what are they for you?
  • Get the photographer of your family INTO the pictures. Not just the family portrait, but the whole family story. 
  • Show you how all that hard work you're doing to build your life is turning into something truly unique and beautiful. Let me capture it as your story evolves.